Sometimes you get bored at work and you go to Google to liven up the party. I decided to google why is Duluth to see what kind of searches I would get.


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    Why Is Duluth Called The Zenith City?

    The top search result brings you to to an article tilted 'An Extremely Brief History of Duluth'. According to the article, at an Independence Day picnic on Minnesota Point in the 1800's, newspaper publisher Dr. Thomas Foster (who produced Duluth’s first paper, the Minnesotian) gave a grand oration, during which he called Duluth the “Zenith City of the Unsalted Seas.” It was a speech filled with optimism. It's actually a pretty interesting read, and even though I grew up in Duluth, I never questioned why it's called the Zenith city.

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    Why Is Duluth Trading So Expensive?

    This top result brings you to a forum on, which is a website for firearm supporters to teach firearm safety, promote the sport, share stories, and more. The tread was called 'Anyone ever bought from Duluth Trading Co.?' and was posted back in 2011 with 38 replies in it. I'm not sure it necessarily answered the Google question, but it was the top result so it was to count for something, right?

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    Why Is Duluth Important To Minnesota?

    Generating about 436,000 results, the top spot goes to the 'History of Duluth, Minnesota - United States History' on According to the site our city's history can be summed up in roughly six paragraphs. The site talks about the first railroad to reach Duluth (Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad) the construction of the Duluth Ship Canal (which boosted Duluth as a port), and a brief history of UMD. So if you need to know why Duluth is so important to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, just check out these six paragraphs.

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    Why Is Duluth So Cold?

    A question I'm sure every Duluthian asks themselves as they trudge through the frozen tundra during our four seasons of winter, frozen spring, one week of summer, and a sometimes rain, sometimes snow fall. The top search result brings you to our favorites definition website, Urban Dictionary. The site definitely does a good job on answering the question, checkout my dive into how Duluth is defined on Urban Dictionary here.

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    Why Is Duluth Called Duluth?

    A question that I'm surprised isn't the number one Google search, unless all Duluthians already know the history. The top search result brings us to good ole Wikipedia which dives right in to the history of our city. According to wiki, the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe or Chippewa) inhabited the Lake Superior area for five hundred years. Duluth's name in Ojibwe is Onigamiinsing, meaning 'at the little portage' referring to the portage across Minnesota Point.