Lazy girls who don't care about wearing appropriate footwear, rejoice! While you probably won't get away with wearing sweat pants on your wedding day, you can now wear your UGGs, with the new "I Do" collection from the Australian boot maker.

This discussion harkens back to the sandals debate Jeanne and Cooper had, UGGs have a place in this world, but not in the middle of summer with shorts on or at a nice event, like a wedding. But there must be a demand for the comfy boot at weddings or they wouldn't even bother making these.

They have three styles available, 'Sparkles', 'Fluff Flip Flop' and the 'Baily' and range in price from $70 - $225. Check them out here.

I'm sorry to those of you who live and die by the UGG, but come on, take some pride in how you look and ditch the boots!