People love to be scared. Everyone watches scary movies for different reasons.

I am more of a story person. I like more to the story in order to be scared. I love the classics like The Exorcist, Prince of Darkness, Friday the 13th, and Halloween, among others. These replaced other classic "monsters" like Dracula, Frankenstein, Phantom Of The Opera, and The Mummy. Some of those characters are still around today, and some have become classics.

I have found a whole new round of scary movies. The movies have changed. There aren't the same kinds of characters, but new ones, and new situations, new ways to kill people. Saw is one of those movies, but I am not a gore kind of person, I like the story and the setup to create the fear.

The new ones I have found do include a character from before, The Candyman, but it's a whole new story, which is what brought me to watch the new one. The Conjuring is about a couple of paranormal investigators I know. With the new stories, are new ways to be scared, and ways you will still not want to sleep with the lights out.

Here are 10 movies I think you should watch, and be scared of.


This one is more of a thriller that is scary. A girl has dreams and visions of murders, but she awakes from these visions to find they are true. Not only that but she gets deeper and deeper into the visions only to have them come after her. It's scary because you want to put yourself into the movie and that's what makes it scary.

Candyman (2021)

There was a Candyman out in the 90s that was scary, then they did sequels and it was watered down. We are back to a new location, and a new story of the monster with the same background as before but new people learning the story. He appears when you say his name in the mirror and he silently kills. This has the mystery of the first one, so I recommend it.

The Conjuring

I know this list is 10, but I am going to recommend all the Conjuring movies. They are all good, but I am going to put this one on my list officially. This one and #2 are the best but, they are all good. This one is about a family that moves into a haunted house and is a somewhat true story about an investigation the Warrens did. An evil spirit steals the little girl and possesses the mother. It's isn't all jump scare its a story too which adds to the scariness of the movie.

The Invisible Man

No this isn't the old movie about an invisible man, this one is much scarier. A woman is abused by her husband and suddenly he dies, leaving her his fortune, but she can't be ruled to be mentally incompetent. The abuse continues and now she thinks his death is a hoax and he is just out for revenge. The abuse comes from something invisible, maybe an invisible man. Now to prove she is being hunted by something no one can see, so she doesn't look crazy. I liked this one also because it had a story to it, not a lot of jump scares, and a good story to make you get invested in the movie.

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The Lodge

A family decides to stay at a lodge for Christmas, A man, his two sons, and his fiance. Sounds like the Shining so far, but it's not. The Dad has to leave, and the two boys find out the fiance has a history with the building, and then the Malay starts. Is she the killer, or only a victim? This one was another good story, bringing in the fiance's history of being a part of a huge mass suicide that she lived through, then she starts acting strange. Good Movie.


One of my favorite actresses Toni Collette (the Mom in Sixth Sense) is really good in this movie and had me hooked for the whole movie, then....well, here's the story. A woman's mother was sort of a cult leader and played favorites with the kids. When she passes, all the children and grandchildren try to sift through some of the crazy stuff she did when they start to notice little things happening they think they are being haunted by her ghost. It gets confusing in the middle of the movie which adds to the story, I think they want you that way, and then the ending, which you never see coming.

A Quiet Place

Both 1 and 2 need to be seen, but I am one of those people that always think the first one is the best because there is more mystery. A family is forced to be quiet because there are sensitive monsters wanting to kill them after a military act devastates the world as they know it. They are forced to live on the edge, having to make their way while being totally quiet. Could you do it? That's what makes this movie good, it's a story that could take place. You totally put yourself in this movie and that's what makes you scared.

In Fabric

This was a suggestion from a friend and boy am I glad I listened. I love stories about things that have a past. This story is about a cursed dress and how it gets passed along through different women with tragic things happening to the lives of those around the dress and owning the dress. It makes you wonder about real life, if you watch some of those paranormal shows you hear about cursed objects all the time. It will make you go through your closet.

Ghost Stories

3 different ghost stories are presented in this movie by an apparent skeptic Professor. The way these are told is great to add to the scare. It's mystery, darkness, but are they true, you can decide. I say yes. This is one you don't watch alone because you will be looking behind you all the time. If you do watch it alone, you will turn on the lights after the first story.


I was never a fan of Ethan Hawke until recently when I discovered another movie and then this one. Sinister isn't really a horror movie but it is scary. A man is working on a case for a book about a serial killer and stumbles on a box of movies that suggest this man has been killing people since the 60s. The movies he finds are only the beginning, If I tell you more I will ruin it.  Great story to this one, almost a Law and Order kind of thing.

Let me know if I hit the nail on the head. I enjoyed these movies, now let me know if you do.

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