For anyone that has lived in Duluth for longer than a week, there are just certain things you'd be afraid to admit you've never done or places you've never been. Certain experiences are just expected of you when you live here, whether it be from other people that live in Duluth or out of town family and friends that expect you to be up on these places because it's just part of living here.

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    William A. Irvin

    The shipping industry has played an immense role in the history of the Twin Ports. Standing as a historical reminder of that is the William A. Irvin. Whether you've been on the Irvin for a regular tour or as part of the wildly popular haunted ship each fall, it's one of those must-see things in Duluth you sort of feel obligated to check out at least once living here. Especially being it is so prominent in Canal Park. How can you not wonder what's inside?

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    Wade Stadium

    On a nice summer night, it's hard to beat a good baseball game. Luckily we have a venue that has hosted baseball for the better part of 70 years right here in town.

    Built in 1940, this Duluth landmark has been the home field for a few teams, including the Duluth Huskies. After being recently renovated, the game experience offers the fun of going to the ballgame with small town charm (and prices that are much easier to stomach than going to a Twins or Brewers game). The accessibility makes it easy to get out with family or friends and enjoy a nice evening of America's Passtime.

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    Park Point Beach

    People tend to think of Duluth's shoreline along Lake Superior as rugged and rocky, but paying a visit to the beach along Park Point proves there's a softer side to enjoy as well.

    Walking out over the dunes to the beach is almost like walking onto ocean shoreline, with a seemingly endless expanse of water in front of you as you look out over Lake Superior.

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    Spirit Mountain

    Even if you aren't an avid skier or snowboarder, the lure of having Spirit Mountain beckoning from right in town makes it hard not to at least go and try to hit the hill at least once. Even then, if that isn't your cup of tea, the adventure park and mountain biking are reason enough that you might have been there at least once to check out the Timber Twister or some of the trails.

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    Portland Malt Shoppe

    For many, a walk along Duluth's Lakewalk just isn't complete without a stop for ice cream or a malt from the Portland Malt Shoppe near the Fitger's Complex. Some folks consider the small shop's seasonal spring opening a personal sign of spring.

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    Leif Erickson/Rose Garden

    This spot on Duluth's Lakewalk has a lot to offer, and if you've never been there, it's hard not to wonder why. The combined space of Leif Erickson Park and the Rose Garden offers beautiful shoreline views of Duluth and Lake Superior, flower gardens in the summer, and plenty of open space for individual gatherings as well as organized events like concerts and movie nights.

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    Grandma's Restaurant

    Anyone that lives here and has family or friends visiting from out of town will likely at least be asked about the food at Grandma's Restaurant if dining out is on the docket. With a primary location right in Canal Park, the legend of the restaurant only grows with visibility next to the Lift Bridge. It's just one of those places you at which you need to eat at least once, just to say you have.

    Of course, the Grandma's in Canal Park is one of three Grandma's Restaurants; part of a bigger group owned by the company that includes Little Angie's and Grandma's Sports Garden.

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    Bayfront Festival Park

    Bayfront Festival Park is home to so many great events through the year, it's hard to avoid going there at least once every year. Big concerts, community events, and the Bentleyville Tour of Lights are just a few reasons you'd be ashamed to say you've never been here. Think of all you'd have to say you've missed out on if you've never been there!

    Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
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    Enger Tower

    Beside the Aerial Lift Bridge, there isn't much that's more iconic about Duluth than Enger Tower. The park where the tower sits is very nice and the view from the tower itself is breathtaking.

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    Duluth Harbor Pier

    Part of the Canal Park experience is walking out on the pier to the lighthouse. Whether it be to watch a ship come in, or just to get a different perspective, this is one of those must-do things in Canal Park that it would be very hard to admit you've never done.

    Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth