Canal Park is such a huge part of Duluth. From tourists to locals, it is one of the big destinations in town. Being such a popular place, I had to see how people are reviewing the area on TripAdvisor. While many love the destination, some people have not-so-positive opinions.

I actually used to live on Park Point and I love Canal Park. To this day I still go to Canal Park frequently whether to eat some delicious food, take the kids to the arcade, or even go on a walk on the Lakewalk.

Regardless of the weather, there is always a lot of people in Canal Park. While scoping through all the reviews, there was quite a few typos - so heads up for that. Despite that, I was very curious to see what people had to say. Most of the reviews were pretty good, but there was definitely some negative feedback. Here are some of the worst reviews I found for the area.

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12 Bad Reviews Of Canal Park In Duluth

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