Duluth's Air National Guard fighter wing will be conducting night flying training beginning tonight, September 22. The training will continue at night rhough Friday, October 2.

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The 148th says that this period of training will allow thing wing to conduct critical training with Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACS) and also use their night vision goggles. The JTACS are specialized personnel who assist combat aircraft in engaging close air support missions. These are the troops on the ground who guide the aircraft in combat support. The 148th further elaborates that night flying is required for pilots to keep up their skills and train for future missions in defense of our country.

They warn that residents in the Twin ports, and areas of Michigan's Upper Peninsula may hear F-16s taking off and landing or flying low during the later afternoon and evening. Once the jets are off the ground, most of the missions will be flown and 18,000 feet or above. However, some of the training may require lower flight altitudes in approved training airspace.

Each night during this period, the F-16s will be on the ground by 11:15pm local time.

Duluth has a long history with the fighter wing. It was originally established in Duluth during the cold war in 1948, as a fighter squadron. Then years later it was designated a fighter group, expanding it's mission.

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