The Minnesota State Fair is ground zero for foods on a stick, so it doesn't surprise me that Food Network has picked 3 of them as best in America.

Food Network published a list of 16 of the best foods on a stick in America and here are the 3 that made the list from the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

  • Tater Tot Hotdish on a Stick - Served at Ole and Lena's.
    • Food Networks says,"the team skewers Swedish meatballs and tater tots, then dips them into corn dog batter before a dunk in the deep fryer. A side of mushroom hamburger sauce makes for the creamy casserole-style dip that’s truly Minnesotan."
  • Giant Egg Rolls - Served at Que Viet Concessions
    • Food Network says,"Que Viet Concessions, an offshoot of the Minneapolis restaurant Que Viet Village House, which has gained infamy with egg rolls bigger than a baby's head, just barely held aloft on wooden sticks."
  • Fried Fruit  - Served at the Fried Fruit and Fried Olives Stand near the Grandstand
    • Food Network says,"Inspired by daughter Alison (second generation) and her successful experiment of dropping a handful of grapes in the fryer, the business has only battered up to include apples, bananas, strawberries, peaches, pineapples and pears, dipped in batter and rolled in powdered sugar."

Other creations to make the list include Rabbit Rattlesnake Sausage, Alligator on Sticks, Key Lime Pie on a Stick and Lobster Tail on a Stick. See the complete list here.

The Minnesota State Fair starts on August 23rd and runs through Labor Day.


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