I realize that on this Memorial Day weekend many Northlanders will be packing up for the cabin or getting the tents ready to go, and that is fine, just not for me.

I  am willing to put myself out there to say I despise camping. Now let me clarify.  I am by no means a girly girl who is afraid to get dirty, but showers are nice. I guess it stems from the fact that I never went camping when I was a kid.

Growing up In Milwaukee, in order to go camping would have had a heck of a drive, instead I went to Tennis camp every summer. We would stay in College dorms and play tennis for hours each day. It was super fun, and you didn't have to sleep on an air mattress in a tent. So what is my reasoning for not liking to camp? Check out my list below.


1) I Hate Sleeping Bags ! I hate the constricted feeling of them, and what If a bear starts clawing at my tent? How am I going to hop up and escape? I know bring a blanket then, but i love my blankets and I don't want them dirtied up from being outside.

2.) <--------- EXACTLY  :)

3.) A completely irrational fear of ticks. I am convinced every time I am in high grass or woods that I am covered in ticks. The thing is, I am not even concerned about the threat of Lyme disease, it is the idea of a insect burrowing into my skin. Blahhhh

3.) Really loving to take a shower when ever I want. I understand you can bathe in the lake, wash your hair etc. , but you still smell like a lake when you get out.

4.) The mutant woodsman who lives in the bushes, and is watching us waiting for the time to strike. He will mess with our car, steal our phones, and we are never heard from again.  Yes I have a vivid imagination, but Hollywood does not help with all the movies that feed into this theory of mine.......I.E. THE MOVIE " WRONG TURN"

5.) Having to pack everything and the kitchen sink. Yes I love to get out of town and travel when ever I can, but at least if you are staying at a hotel, if you forgot something you don't have to hike for miles to get to a store.

So there you go, I am all about comfort and convenience. Not to say I don't appreciate the beauty of where we live. I love to go the beach, and enjoy the water and swimming. I just like to go home to civilization afterwards.

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