With the fall TV season in full swing, I decided to fly back in time and take a look back at the best TV theme songs of the 90's.

To me, there's a couple of factors that go into a theme song: Is it catchy? How good would it be on it's own without the show? Or is it the opening sequence with the music that makes it all come together?

Check out my list of the 6 best TV Theme Songs of the 90's below and let me know what one's should have made the list.


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    With a nice little tap toeing feel good beat, the intro to 'Blossom' I thought fit well with the show and had you humming along to it. If you miss this spunky teen, you can still catch her on TV in 'The Big Bang Theory' where her personality did not die down at all.

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    'Keenan & Kel'

    Keenan & Kel was everything I wanted to be growing up. My best friend Tim and me would always reenact skits from the show and wanted to work in a little convenient store too. Plus, who doesn't love Coolio?! With lyrics like "This isn't Nancy Drew or a Hardy Boys mystery" and a groovy beat, I absolutely love this theme song.

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    'In Living Color'

    Who could forget the sketch comedy show from the Wayans Brothers that brought us memorable characters like Fire Marshall Bill, Men on Film, Homie the Clown and list just goes on from there. Heavy D was brought on to do the theme song and to this day I'll just randomly blurt out singing "in living color" just to see people's reaction.

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    'Boy Meets World'

    Another one of my childhood favorites and my friends would always compare me to Cory (which I never found out was a good thing or a bad thing). The theme was just a simple instrumental for the first few seasons then towards the end of the show, they added in lyrics with a different sounding song. I enjoyed all the theme songs, but the one with lyrics always ran through my head.

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    'Full House'

    Who doesn't love the Tanner family and the super catchy song to go with it. The sitcom premiered in '87, and went all the way to '95. Because it was in the '90s longer, we'll totally leave it on the list. We often joke at the station that we're like the Tanner family.

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    'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'

    You show me someone who doesn't know the words to this song and I will show you a liar! In all seriousness, I believe this song is one of the most iconic themes in '90s TV history. It goes with the show so well and it easily gets stuck in your head. 'yo home, smell ya later'