According to the Duluth New Tribune a very inventive dad in Alexandria Minnesota came up with an inventive way to motivate his kids to get outside this winter and have some fun close to home.

Danny Sieve was trying to think of a way to get his three daughters outdoors this winter and away from screen time on their electronics, so he began blowing snow in his yard making a huge pile up against a tree and then used a hose to make an icy track for a homemade luge run.

Like many parents he struggles with his kids racing  home after school and sitting on their phones indoors. So he felt he needed to come up with a fun idea to get them to enjoy being outside and have fun the old fashioned way.

The start of the luge is a fifteen foot drop and the length of the ride depends on the speed of the sled. The girls are ecstatic with their new backyard luge course and have a new found popularity with  friends wanting to come over and try it as well. Click Here to see the luge in action!

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