Spring Break  for many College students across the country is a time to head off in a R.V., car or fly off to a warm exotic destination for a week of partying and fun.  For a few U.W.S. students the only part that really applies here may be the warmer weather, but what they are doing has much more meaning for themselves and the families they will be helping.

9 students from U.W.S will be going on a Alternative Spring Break to Tupelo Mississippi to work with Habitat  for Humanity ti help rebuild homes in the area that were devastated by a tornado last spring. Some of the students are Rookies, while a few others have volunteered before, but they are all eager to help and are excited for the adventure ahead.

What a great program, ad hats off to these men and women who are doing this, I remember when I was in College going somewhere on Spring Break is what we looked forward to all year, and for them to volunteer like this is awesome! For more information  about these students and what they will be doing CLICK HERE



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