The October 2018 storm will definitely be going down in the books as a powerful reminder of Mother Natures wrath, but with all the damage done to the lakewalk and plenty of downed trees comes a remarkable story.

CBS3 reports that one family on Park Point discovered their lost canoe back behind their house resting on the beach. Now this canoe had disappeared years ago and they were not sure if it got washed out into the lake or someone had stolen it. Well, I think they got their answer because I highly doubt if it was stolen that it would have been returned to that exact spot during that storm.

Paul Kellner's 13 year old son Owen is the one who found it. Kelner said the canoe looked jut liked he remembered it,and went on to say “I don't know where the heck it’s been. It could have been aliens for all I know. The gods of the lake are giving us gifts. It’s just great.”

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