It seems like the road work on Superior Street is never ending and now a portion of the street that was worked on 7 months ago has to be torn up again. According to WDIO the City of Duluth announced on Friday  that a coupling on the watermain installed in Superior Street last year is leaking between Fifth Avenue West and Sixth Avenue West.

The coupling that is leaking is located between the Radisson Hotel and the library, excavation will begin on Monday, the road will be closed but the sidewalks will remain open.There will be no official detour, but Michigan street will be an option for Westbound Traffic and First street for Eastbound Traffic. The work is expected to take about a month to complete.

So in the meantime we all need to be patient and watch where you are going when driving downtown, and remember to continue to support downtown businesses, this will be over soon and needs to be done.




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