If Aaron Rodgers is reluctant to return to the Green Bay Packers, it isn't because of money or lack there of.

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter is reporting that Rodgers turned down a deal that would have no only made him the highest paid quarterback in the NFL, but the highest paid player in the league. The offered two-year contract extension would have linked him to the Packers for five more seasons.

Mike Florio from NBC's Pro Football Talk says don't expect any big news from Rodgers or the team until after the Packers' annual shareholder meeting, which is scheduled for July 26th, at the "meeting" Packers CEO Mark Murphy will certainly have to address the situation, and Rodgers may or may not respond to that.

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The day after the team meeting, July 27th, all team veterans are scheduled to report to training camp, and even his closest friends on the team have no clue if Rodgers will show, Packer Wire breaks down comments from several players about the Rodgers drama, Left tackle David Bakhtiari is quoted as saying he has "no idea".

All eyes will be on the field Wednesday, July 28th, this is the first scheduled public practice for 2021 Packers Training Camp, being that Rodgers has missed every other off season practice or team activities, I don't think there is much chance of him showing up, and I don't think he would want to just sit out a season, so the speculation will continue until he either is seen again in a Packers jersey, or traded to another team.

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