A group calling themselves "The Resign Or Recall Committee"  had a total of 997 signatures that they delivered to the Two Harbors City Hall on Wednesday, April 27. The petition is calling for the recall of Mayor Chris Swanson. The total is more than double the almost 450 signatures which would be 20% of the city's registered voters which would be required for the petition to move forward. The total population of Two Harbors is 4,000 people.

City staff now have 10 days to verify each person's signature and address.  After these are confirmed the petition is sent to the city council to take action. If Mayor Swanson does not resign within five days the city council will need to schedule a recall election asking if Swanson should be recalled.

The recall effort was initiated by Swanson's underwater hotel and cryptocurrency pursuits and other possible conflicts of interests and ethical concerns, According to the Duluth News Tribune (Paywall) "City Attorney Tim Costley wrote that Swanson repeatedly used his official city position “for personal benefit or business interests” on a number of issues."

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If a majority of residents vote "Yes" the council has to fill the position with an appointment because there are more than two years until Swanson's term expires in January 2025. And because it is a redistricting year the primary in August is the earliest that the recall question would appear on a ballot.

Earlier this month, Swanson said in an interview with the Star Tribune that he has no plans to resign. No word right now on what Swanson plans to do after this latest petition was delivered to City Hall.

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