Amazon has announced the release of a few new products to add to the popular Kindle family.  Maybe or maybe not a coincidence that the announcement comes about the same time Apple introduces the new iPhone 5 that will be released next week. In a letter that starts "Dear Customers," Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos writes,

"Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G isn't just the best tablet for the price, it's the best tablet. $499 now gets you a large-screen HD tablet with a stunning 8.9" display, exclusive Dolby audio, dual stereo speakers, the fastest Wi-Fi, ultra-fast 4G LTE wireless..."

In addition to the new Kindle Fire tablet, they've also given the traditional Kindle e-reader an upgrade with the Kindle Paperwhite.  Amazon says they've added 62% more pixels and increased contrast by 25%, so whites are whiter, and blacks are blacker.  It will also include a built-in light to illuminate the screen.

They've also updated the smallest, lightest Kindle with improved fonts and 15% faster page turns and lowered the price to start at $69.

I admit, I am an e-reader owner and lover.  Not because I don't enjoy real books.  I do, a lot.  But it was really my husband who inspired me to convert from a traditional book reader to an e-book reader.  I'm sure it was after a trip to the bookstore when told me that I can't keep buying books because we have nowhere to put them.

I still use the library if I want to read a book that's been out for awhile, because trying to get a newly released book from the library is near impossible.  I still love the way books feel in my hand, smell when opened, and the sound of pages turning.  But the convenience of being able to download a book in seconds, having my favorite authors' books automatically downloaded into my "library" on the day they are released, and the ability to carry HUNDREDS of books with me wherever I go are my main reasons for loving my e-reader.

Do you have an e-reader, or do you prefer to stick to real books, and why?