Demi Lovato + Logan Henderson

Move over, Wilmer Valderrama! It sounds like Demi Lovato has a cute new boy toy: Rumor has it she’s dating Big Time Rush member Logan Henderson!

A source told Hollywood Life, “I saw Demi and Logan kissing at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.” Cute! Hollywood Life also reported that the duo looked cozy at the premiere of ‘Big Time Movie.’ Lovato posed for photos with Henderson on the orange carpet and sat with him inside the theater. Awww! The pair have been pals for a while, and it appears they’re finally taking it to the next level.

Lovato’s been pretty private about her love life in the past, so posing on the orange carpet with Henderson is a bigger deal than most people realize. Following her bustup with Joe Jonas, the only guy fans have really known about was Valderrama, 32 (who, to be honest, gives us the “skeevy older guy” vibe) — and she never officially confirmed they were dating.

We’re pretty happy to see her happy with Henderson, who, at 22, is much more age-appropriate for the 19-year-old recovering starlet! Check out the video below — you can see them leaving the theater together and holding hands.

Do you think Demi and Logan make a cute couple? We do!

Watch Demi Lovato and Logan Henderson Holding Hands

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