After a mid-April winter storm that dumped a lot of snow and whipped up Lake Superior, Northlanders are likely ready to just be done with winter. The good news is that things look promising for that to actually happen!

According to a graphic the Sioux Falls National Weather Service Office shared on Facebook, much of the Upper Midwest is slated to see a 1-in-3 chance of seeing temperatures above normal as April ends. This includes all of Minnesota and almost all of Wisconsin (yes, Northern Wisconsin is included in the chance for a warm-up). So, what are "above normal" temperatures for this part of the month?

For the day of this post being published (April 17), the average high temperature is 50 degrees, which we're going to struggle with. Both today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday) look to be cooler than normal, but things start to ramp up with forecasted temperatures in the in the low to mid 50s.

What about next week, where we have this 33% chance of "warmer than normal" temperatures? Well, "normal" for next week is 55 degrees (averaged across the whole week). Will we actually be warmer than that average temperature? Probably not. While Sunday and Monday look like days we could see near 60, most of next week looks like we'll be in the low to mid 50s. Things can change a lot between now and then, but it isn't really "above average".

Still, who is going to complain about temperatures in the 50s after the cold and snowy spring we've had?

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