I'll admit it--I have tattoos.  I love tattoos.  Most of them.  One thing I wouldn't do, however, is tattoo my face.

This is from a British version of Jerry Springer--The Jeremy Kyle Show.

I think the biggest problem I have with this guy is the fact that he has kids.  What was he thinking? He says it's art, and I get that.  So get the skull tattooed on your back.  On your leg.  On your stomach.  But your FACE? And while sitting in the chair, preparing to get his FACE tattooed, why didn't the part of him that is a parent take over and say,

"Wait a minute.  I'm going to get a skull tattooed on my face?  Will my children be frightened to look at me?  I mean, when this is finished I'll be scary looking.  Really, really scary.  And I don't have a job.  So maybe instead of getting my face tattooed I should find a job to provide for my family."

And he's the one who's making fun of the host's face!

Are you KIDDING me?