Austin Mahone continues to rack up partnerships in the professional and personal realm.

He spoke about teaming up with Justin Bieber, working on a song provided by The Biebs. The Mahomies and Beliebers -- Mahomiebers, maybe? -- are going NUTS over their connection. Austin wasn't too detailed about the song, but he did express that he gets what it takes to go to the next level in the biz.

"He wrote a song about a year ago and flew down to Miami to record with me. I'm just making friends out here. That's what it's all about -- making friends," Mahone said. Hopefully he and Bieber are becoming friends.

Speaking of friends, in the social media sphere, he recently joked that he shed a single tear when he found out that Biebs' ex Selena Gomez unfollowed him (and everyone else) on Instagram.

He again addressed the Gomez unfollow and said, "I checked and saw she followed zero people, so I was like, 'Ok…'" So if you think that celebs don't care or notice who follows or unfollows them, you thought wrong.

Mahone has teamed up with Allstate to inform teens "to drive safely, buckle up, don't let friends distract them." Since he is a young driver, he can influence the generation just getting their licenses. Don't text and drive!

And while we've got you here, how about some shirtless Austin Mahone? His abs are killer.

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