Long gone are the days of the conventional entrance of the Bride and Groom down the aisle, ever since YouTube everyone is trying crazy new things, which can also be an epic fail.

A couple who decided to use a zip line to make an entrance for their wedding needed someone to do the math about pacing out how far apart they should go. Although this actually occurred back  in 2011 it was posted on the Internet a few days ago for all the world to see.

Everyone wants their wedding day to be memorable and something that people talk about, and everyone at this ceremony most likely did. As you can see when you watch the video the groom is coming down the zip line super fast and is not buckled in, which actually was a good thing so he fell off the line letting his bride breeze to the end.

I am sure they both had a couple bumps and bruises, but everyone seems to be o.k. except maybe the guy that posted this video. :) CAUTION: LANGUAGE AT THE END OF VIDEO!!



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