Did you know that there is a company in Minnesota that specializes in a variety of zip lines letting you soar high above the trees? They are called Kerfoot Canopy Tours with two locations One in Henderson Minnesota which is about one hour South West of the Twin Cities and another location in Brainerd on Mount Ski Gull.

You will soar 175 feet above the ground to get a unique view of the beautiful Fall Colors while they last. With 14 different zip line courses to choose from there is definitely something for everyone. This course is not made for little kids the minimum age is 10+ and weight requirement is 75 pounds and up, but would be perfect for older ones.

Safety is number one and your adventure starts with their zipline tours at Ground School where two professionally trained guides teach you the ‘ropes’ of ziplining. Then, you head off to there  progressively higher, longer, and faster lines.

Reservations are highly encouraged and driving from the Twin Ports you will want to make sure that you will be able to zip line once you got there. Phones are not allowed for recording your adventure so a Go Pro is recommended to bring with or rent.

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Some things you need to know before you arrive is that closed toe shoes are required. If you have long hair you need to put in a ponytail in order to have the helmet fit securely. Glasses are allowed to be worn, but do not put in your pockets. Also it is recommended you leave jewelry in your car, or better yet leave it at home so it does not get lost in the woods below and lastly if you choose to wear shorts make sure they cover your thigh area to provide a layer of clothing between you and the harness strap.

This is a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy a birds eye view of this beautiful area. They also book groups as well, this might be a great office activity for you and your coworkers. For more information click here and check it out before all the leaf's are gone or the snow flies.

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