I'm getting married on Valentine's Day, and there are several traditions that go along with saying "I do," the one I was looking forward to most was the bachelor party, a chance to have some fun with some of my best friends, no wedding drama, just a fun night out. Well I got both; here is a step by step of how my fun day turned into DRAMA!

  • Shooting

    TSM - Tony Hart

    My buddies and I started the day at the Metro Gun Club just outside of Minneapolis, we spent an hour doing some shooting at some targets and catching up, good fun!

  • Racing

    TSM - Tony Hart

    The next stop was an indoor go-kart racing track where we spent the next hour or so racing at high speeds and having some high octane fun!

  • Food & Drinks

    TSM - Tony Hart

    After our adrenaline fueled afternoon, it was time for some food and drinks, so we gathered at Dave & Busters for a few hours before heading downtown Minneapolis for the evenings activities.

  • The Fall

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    At this point in the evening we'd checked in to our hotel, visited our first bar and were having a great time! At some point we decided it was time for a change in venues, so we started walking to the next stop, when the evening, and my foreseeable future changed.

    The temperature during the day last Sunday in Minneapolis was in the 40's, so when evening came, all that freshly melted snow and ice re-melted, and caused extremely slippery conditions. Just before I fell, another guy in my party almost biffed it, so I should have been a little more careful I guess, but I wasn't, and I fell HARD at this corner near the Target Center, very HARD and directly on my right ankle. The second I landed I knew something was wrong, but I had no idea.

  • That Night & The Next Day

    TSM - Tony Hart

    I immediately knew that I wasn't going to be able to continue the party, my best man went back to the hotel and got his vehicle, picked me up and brought me back to the hotel. There was no way I was going to be able to walk to my room, so I hitched a ride on a luggage cart and rested in my bed while I sent my buddies to continue on the bachelor party, without the bachelor.

    The next day, thinking I just had a really, really bad sprained ankle, I decided to try and drive back to Duluth, somehow I made it and I drove myself right to the doctor where I found out that it wasn't a sprained ankle, it was a broken ankle, and it was BAD!

  • It's Broken

    TSM - Tony Hart

    The look on the doctor's face said it all when she returned with my x-rays; it was bad, really bad. She said I was going to need surgery, and she immediately started doing the prep work for the procedure, wrapped up my foot and fitted me for crutches so I could get around until the scheduled surgery on Wednesday. Bummer!

  • The Surgery

    TSM - Tony Hart

    I had my surgery on Wednesday morning at St. Mary's, which went well, I was upgraded with some new hardware and a walking boot. While the bone is secure, the soft tissue around the bone is still a wreck and needs to heal, so it's lots of elevation and ice for this dude and plenty of rest so I can enjoy the first dance with my bride on Valentine's Day.