According to a new survey the average woman has 21 pairs of shoes, but don't even wear nine of them. Nice, money well spent.

I admit that I used to have a major shoe fetish, I love them, but since kids came in the picture I wear the same 2 or 3 pairs all the time and finally got rid of my old shoes that I never wore. According to The Daily Mail many of the shoe purchases were for a one time occasion and never worn again, with some eve admitting to having never worn the shoes they bought.

Now of course women feel the need to accessorize with their outfits and shoes are a key factor, plus with the change of seasons, especially in this area, you need a lot of different types of shoes.

So to put a local spin on this I did a little very unscientific survey around the office and here is where we stand.

Me: 10 pair of shoes-I wear around 4 of them

Courtney: 80 pairs of shoes-wears around 30 of them.

Kelly- 60 pairs of shoes, wears about 10 of them

Katie-25 pairs of shoes-wears around 10 of them

Cathy-60 pairs of shoes-wears around 10 of them

I only used first names to keep their identity under wraps and to keep their spouses on their heels :)

So, How many pairs of shoes do you have and then actually wear?


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