Walter Piper who is a biology professor at Chapman University in Orange California, spends his summers studying loons on Northern Wisconsin lakes, but this summer will be one he won't soon forget. Pipers research team called "The " The Loon Project" made a once in a lifetime discovery, a baby duck riding on the back of a male loon.

According to Piper and wildlife photographer Lind Grenzer normally loons and ducks are sworn enemies. Loons have even been know to kill baby ducklings, they are the big bird of the lakes. Fragments of egg shells were found in the loons nest, but no baby loon was found. They are assuming the loon baby died the same day they found the duckling and now have made him their own.

Some unusual things they have noticed with the duckling is that he has dove and stayed underwater for up to ten seconds at a time, ducks don't do this but loons do, also one of the loons was photographed feeding the baby duck a small fish, again something ducks do not do is eat fish.

What an amazing lesson we as humans can learn from nature, to love all despite any differences we each have. For more on this story click here.

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