Even though I have never been to Brainerd Cooper grew up near there and I have a good friend who moved there with his family not to long ago and it sounds like an amazing place, especially in the summer!

Realtor.com these are places that have a large inventory of well priced homes that are increasing in value and lots of fun things to do in the area with the family.

The study was done over a 3 year period with lots of factors involved like the percentage of vacation homes, the number of food and recreational establishments , the number of outdoor activities per capita, and the number of realtor.com home listings that mention the word "lake" . Plus much more.

Brainerd was listed as #3 out of the 10. Did you know that there are more than 55 lakes within 25 miles of Brainerd? With those odds you are sure to find something affordable if not on, near a lake, plus tons of waterfront options for dining and recreation.

This is no surprise to residents of the area, one realtor said most of his clients are from the Twin Cities and come to their cabins in Brainerd during the summer months. So whether you want to buy a cabin, lake home, or  just stay for the weekend, congrats to you Brainerd!

Not to be outdone Baraboo Wisconsin came in #2 on the list! To see the full Top Ten List Click Here.


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