I still lovingly look back on my college days and at times miss them so much. The great friends, freedom and fun. But as we all know college can be incredibly expensive and for many it seems out of reach.

But a company called Studee, who aims to help students find the best college fit, ranked the best and worst places for college students, including financial factors. They described the research they did as follows:

To help students find the best place to study, we’ve compared the cost of tuition fees, rent, and board, the percentage of the population made up of 19-25-year-olds, average salary, crime rates, happiness index scores, the weather and finally the number of top universities in each state.

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I am happy to report that Wisconsin came in at #8 of the top ten and boasts the cheapest room and board rates of all the top ten schools which will mean more money in your pocket to most likely buy adult beverages. Now, I for one did the reversal. I was from Wisconsin and went to school in Minnesota Winona State University...Go Warriors!

So where did some of the other Midwest states fall in the ranking? North Dakota ranked #6, South Dakota #15, Iowa #17 and finally Minnesota #19 which all in all is not bad considering the Midwest colleges round out the top 20. Just one word of advice for future students, it will be a big adjustment initially, but stick it out everything will work out and you will have a great time!

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