The Minnesota Twins are off to a great start this season, but attendance has slumped and nobody seems to know why?  Cooper had a good point in that the weather has not been that great which I agree it has been pretty rainy and cold, but also fairweather fans could be part of it too.

We need to get the Twins Fan club rolling and what better way, then offer some bargain tickets to fill those stands? According to the Star Tribune the Twins announced yesterday that they are offering some $5 tickets for all remaining home games for the month of May.

Tickets starting at $5, with no processing fees, are available for seats in the home run porch and grandstand seating areas BUT you can only purchase them now through 10 p.m. on Thursday!  The Twins have 12 home games left this month and with warmer weather and these great ticket prices hopefully that will fill up he stands. For more information or to order these tickets Click Here!

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