UPDATE: JULY 3 2021:

According to FOX 21 due to a change in construction plans Brighton Beach will remain open until further notice.  Initial plans had the area being closed for construction starting Tuesday July 6. The city of Duluth will alert the public when a new construction and closure date is scheduled.


Ahhh Brighton Beach one of my favorite places of all time in Duluth. When I lived in Lakeside I would go hang out there at least once a week either with the kids or by myself to just gaze off into the lake and relax. My dogs hate the water so I would usually leave them at home, but I would hug up on my favorite rock and chill out watching boats go by and watch tourists take pictures, skip rocks and feed the seagulls

If you are a fan of Brighton Beach you better make plans to visit this weekend as construction begins next week and the entire area will be closed down starting on Tuesday.  The closure is due to the upcoming construction of the Lakewalk extension through the park.

FOX21 reports a Press Release from the City said:

“The Brighton Beach Mini-Master Plan calls for extension of the Lakewalk relocation of the roadway from the shoreline, and restoration of the shoreline to better endure Lake Superior storms. The initial closure includes all Brighton Beach vehicular and trail access, parking, and amenities such as play areas, water access, and pavilions due to construction and heavy equipment usage.”

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The park will reopen temporarily in October for paddlers, cyclists, and pedestrians, and will close again including the lakewalk in winter or spring of 2022 for restoration of the shoreline which will be followed up with more construction and some new amenities in the park. The park will not be accessible to vehicles until road construction is complete which is estimated at Spring of 2023.

Please note there will be no events, programs, or reservations allowed at Brighton Beach until Spring of 2023 at the earliest. This will feel like an eternity for some but this will be fantastic once it is done and with the construction and safeguards being put in place it will help preserve that area for years to come.

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