Castle Danger just made history when fan's voted it their favorite beer in Minnesota for a second year in a row! Congratulations also needs to go out to another Northshore brewery Bent Paddle which came in second place.

The contest which is published by Star Tribune highlights breweries all across the state of Minnesota so what a win for the Two harbors Brewery to dominate 2 years in a row! Co-owner of Castle Danger Brewery Lon Larson said " It’s really interesting that there are no Twin Cities winners, and that’s where the population is. The North Shore is such an intimate part of our brand and branding and who we are and what we represent. Maybe it gets a little lonely in the wintertime, a little slow in the taproom in the offseason, but I wouldn’t trade that for anything."

Castle Danger Brewery has been brewing beer since 2011 and since that time has expanded operations to two harbors to accommodate their growing business and taproom.Their beer is available throughout Minnesota at bars and restaurants or at your local liquor store.


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