OG diva Cher has said that 'The Greatest Thing,' her duet Lady Gaga, was being shelved since the Mother Monster wasn't into it. Well, a version of the song has leaked online for your listening pleasure.

The Haus of Gaga -- even in ancillary form, since this isn't an 'ARTPOP' track -- is springing leaks left and right.

The song is very '80s and '90s dance pop, with Cher commanding the first verse and leading the first offering of the chorus. Gaga sings on the second verse, and she is a sweet compliment to Cher's adenoidal style.

This sounds like the type of song that plays over the end credits of an animated film or even during a montage sequence in that type of film.

It's upbeat and swirling, and expansive.

But it's not the diva-meets-diva dynamite that we were expecting.

Cher tweeted that it's not the final version, expressing anger and frustration at the hackers who leaked it in a tweet filled with curses.

She also tweeted that she sat on the song and this is not how she wanted people to hear it. She also offered props to Gaga on her new single. So much diva love.

Gaga then returned the tweet pleasantries.

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