Chipotle has issued a statement regarding a Malware incident which is designed to pull payment card data from cards used at point of sale.

The incident has been reported to have happened between March 24th 2017 and April 18th 2017, in 47 states including Washington D.C. and a few restaurants in Canada as well. The Malware searched for track data which sometimes has the card holders name, in addition to card number, expiration date and internal verification code.

The Duluth Minnesota Chipotle restaurant may have been affected by this breach according to the their web site information. They are advising that you review your bank transactions again between the dates of March 24th 2017 and April 18th 2017, and if you see any transactions or purchases that were not authorized call your financial institution immediately.

Chipotle is working with a cyber security firms to evaluate and enhance their security measures. For more information about the security breach and what you can do to protect yourself Click Here

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