WDIO reported that with many residents trying to keep their driveways and sidewalks clear of snow the City of Duluth is reminding residents that if they have concerns or questions about snow removal they have a number you can call or go their website page. For people who live on very narrow streets all this snow can add up to be quite a headache on where to park and trying to get access to your home.

The city of Duluth plows on a tier system with main roads and hospital routes plowed first and then down the line. I know for myself we live on the East end of town and our road in front of our house is usually not plowed until the afternoon, which for me makes getting to work very early in the morning an extra hassle. But I know that this is how the system operates so I have to plan ahead just like everyone else.

I have even heard stories of private citizens plowing alleys and even roadways themselves in order to help their neighbors get around and be able to park their cars. Thankfully we are very lucky in that in my neighborhood anybody with a snowblower helps everyone out to help alleviate the constant need to shovel.

Jim Benning, Director of Public Works, said at news conference last week "We do our best to address concerns and issues and we want to hear from residents about how to improve service. The best way to do that is to dial our Winter Watch line,"  The Phone number to call is (218) 730-5100 or for the Winter Watch Website Click Here


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