An ice cream mix that was sold from newly opened Love Creamery in the Lincoln Park neighborhood was inadequately pasteurized, as reported from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

The ice cream mix distributed by Autumnwood Farm of Forest Lake, Minnesota had been inadequately pasteurized since May 16, 2018. There haven't been any reports of illnesses, however improper pasteurization of dairy products could result in contamination with bacteria such as E. coli.

Love Creamery opened up a storefront at 1908 W. Superior St. and is open daily from 7:30 am - 10 pm. I love this place because they buy honey, maple syrup, and fruit from local farmer markets and they get all their ingredients locally too. According to DNT, owner Nicole Wilde stressed that all products currently in the shop are safe to eat.

The ice cream mix was sold at Love Creamery between 6/11/16 and 7/12/18. If you happened to have some of the ice cream mix at home, you are advised from the Department of Agriculture to throw it away. LouLou Sweet & SavoryPumphouse Creamery and  in Minneapolis were also affected.

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