Developer Aaron Schweiger who made an offer on Morgan Park Middle School back in July to build housing development on the property has put a hold on plans.

Schewiger decided to scale down the project a little bit downsizing the housing development from 132 units to 108. He also wants to build 9 structures instead of the original 11. Schweiger also said the more modest-sized project should help address concerns neighbors raised over his original proposal to place the buildings about 20 feet from the curb, which would also allow for green space out front.

I still feel sad about this whole project. While it's nice that more housing will be put in place, that was my middle school and I feel like a little part of my childhood is being torn down with the building. Great memories in that old building. You can read more information about the project here and let me know what you think about the new proposal in the comments below.

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