I often check road conditions using traffic cameras on Minnesota's 511mn.org website or app but I just found that you can also get a look at conditions via cameras placed on plows.

Since January of last year, MnDOT has been allowing the public to view 200 of the state's 800+ plows while in action so you can get a roads eye view of the conditions.

I love the real-time, close-up view of the road, it really gives you a sense of how bad or good the roads really are.

According to MnDOT, "plow cams provide a quick snapshot of whats going on in the field and location map of active plow cams. The cams also provide captions that give the plow number, the date, time and location of the plow. Images will be displayed for two hours. If there is not a new image within 15 minutes it is because the plow is inactive at the time."


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