DNCE coming to Montclair, New Jersey on Tuesday night (Feb. 7)  at the Wellmont Theater was a lot like having your "Cake" and eating it too.

Fronted by Joe Jonas, the band's latest tour stop was a hometown visit — and Joe's big bro Kevin stopped by to watch the show, too. (Kevin currently resides in Wyckoff, NJ, running a construction company.) The crowd cheered and screamed wildly as Kevin entered the room to take his seat before his little bro took the stage.

DNCE has made themselves known with their funk-dance fusion, and their concert shows how much they're all about having fun.

“Musically, we sound like disco funk hits played by a good garage band,” bassist Cole Whittle commented in a recent interview with Official Charts. The hi-octane group gave the sold-out show what the audience showed up for from beginning to end — and proved they were about more than just having a cute Jonas Brother face on stage.

Jumping out to the Star Wars theme song donning Darth Vader masks and dueling with lightsabers, DNCE got the pulse bumping with “Naked” and “DNCE.” With their Animaniacs-like antics, the show has plenty going on: from a shopping cart filled with “unmentionables” to all of the band members jumping around onstage like they were newly released from a madhouse, to Cole Whittle wearing…something you just have to see to understand.

If there is one thing to know about any musician, it’s that the crazy ones are the best at what they do, and Whittle is a proven bass-shredder. Touring the world with Lady Gaga during his time with Semi Precious Weapons, he’s proven to be the driving force for the band.

And Joe, fronting a band, proves to be an adequate and entertaining vocalist without being overshadowed by his brothers. Rolling out tracks like “Blown,” “Let’s Dance,” and “Dr. You,” the show was brought down to a tranquil state with an acoustic set, including their latest hit “Toothbrush," before sending the audience back into overdrive, closing the show with their infectious first single, “Cake by the Ocean.”

Check out photos from the troupe's hometown show up top, and the night's set list below.

DNCE set list (Feb. 7):

"Body Moves"
"Let's Dance"
"Good Day"
"Dr. You"


"Be Mean"
"Pay My Rent"

"Cake by the Ocean"

Lady Gaga's Best Live Vocals:

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