Have you ever heard of a float plan? I hadn't before today, but I'm glad I learned something new as this could be something that could save your life. In the Twin Ports we have many people that venture out onto Lake Superior in their boats for a voyage. Sometimes it may just be for a sightseeing trip, and other times it could be for a voyage to another harbor. In either case, the Coast Guard reminds you to file a float plan.

A float plan is a written statement that includes the details of an intended voyage of a boat or watercraft, and it is filed with a friend, relative, or another person on shore. It also specifically details the vessel, equipment, crew, and the itinerary of the planned voyage.

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Why would you want to do this? Because in the case of an emergency time matters, and you don't want to be counting on someone trying to remember where you were going and other important details of your excursion. A float plan can be the difference in a successful outcome of a waterway emergency.

It applies to all kinds of vessels. Even a group of people kayaking together around the Apostle Islands, for example, would be encourage to fill out a float plan for the group. If you are out fishing in Lake Superior for a day, you should fill out a float plan.

You can find all the information and proper forms through the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary website. 

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