We LOLed heartily and shivered in horror at the same time when we first saw 'Nicolas Cage Cats,' an unholy hybrid of felines and the internet's favorite actor. Now, Cage continues his inadvertent domination over the animal kingdom with this photo of a newly-discovered monkey species that looks just like him.

It's not that we're disparaging the actor's looks by making this comparison, but there's something disturbingly Cage-like about this monkey. Maybe it's the heavy-lidded eyes. Or maybe it's the placid demeanor with a hint of something sinister lurking beneath.

The species, which is known locally as the Lesula, was discovered in the forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo. According to scientists, they first encountered the new breed when they came upon one being kept as a pet.

By the way, this new species hasn't been accused of vampirism or starred in its own meme like Cage has. But we're sure it's just a matter of time. Get a closer look at Monkey Cage (get it??) below.

Does This Moneky Look Like Nicolas Cage?

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