Tony Hart recently came back from the cities, and low and behold he had new shoes on. Like any good co-worker, I had to check out his new kicks. 


So for those that don't know, "dad shoes" are just what you would expect. Shoes that you would find any father wearing at Disney World during vacation. They could be considered the official shoe of bad puns and the 4th of July BBQ.

So the question remains, are these shoes considered "dad shoes"? I have consulted with my colleagues and we have concluded that these are in fact dad shoes.

Also can we just appreciate those socks for a moment? I think it's mandated that every father needs a nice pair of white socks like these.

But we figured a dad shoe like this needs to be showcased. So we now present to you...

The Air Dad 1's (not sold in stores)

Tony's Air Dad Shoe

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