I would not recommend ever doing this, but one guy decided that he was going to risk damaging his SUV, rather than pay to get his vehicle out of the Impound lot.

Welcome to Chicago everybody, where you better make darn sure you look before you park, and that you do not have any outstanding tickets. I have been to the windy city many times, and I can tell you first hand parking is a nightmare. I have had to park blocks away from my friends house when I would go visit them, and I would check on my car every day over the weekend.

Parking is a premium like in any big city, unfortunately in this video we cannot see If he was in the vehicle at the time it got lifted, If he was the tow truck driver did this illegally since you cannot tow someone If they are in the vehicle at the time. Either way, I am pretty sure this guy got caught If the driver had his license plate number or VIN number of the vehicle. That, or else he just moved on to the next car, always someone to tow in Chi-town.