I don't know about you, but my allergies have been worse this spring than they have in years. My symptoms range from watery eyes, to a constant nose drip, coughing, and sneezing. It's been rough, but nothing compared to what my wife has been dealing with. She's suffering from sneeze attacks, and after mowing the lawn this weekend she actually broke out in hives.

So why is this year so much worse? We talked with Taylor Dayton this morning, morning meteorologist from WDIO, and he offered a bit of insight. With the very dry spring we've had, there isn't a lot of moisture to keep that pollen on the ground. Especially when you mow your grass, the pollen gets kicked up in the air. According to Webmd, on dryer days it just turns to dust and gets spread everywhere, and the wind doesn't help either.

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Allergicliving.com has some tips on how to cope with different allergies you may be suffering from. I guess in this case, my wife shouldn't mow the lawn anymore, especially in May-July. There of course are allergy medicines you can try, but keep in mind a lot of them take up to a couple of weeks of doses before they begin to take effect.

The allergy forecast shows that today will be a low-medium pollen count, but tomorrow will be a worse than average day again. The middle of the week calls for high pollen counts. On Pollen.com they show the 30 day history of pollen levels in Duluth, and  you can definitely see the trend of at least most days being medium or high pollen counts.

Taylor Dayton added today that we are seeing chances of showers later this weekend, which could definitely help dampen down the pollen count.

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