The Duluth Transit Authority announced this morning that they are launching its new MyDTA fare payment system. This is a way that riders can purchase mobile fares at anytime by using their phone app. The new app is called MyDTA, and it's available on Google Play or in the App Store. Riders also can continue to use and pay online for fares by using Transit as well.

The DTA says the MyDTA app will make the ticket purchasing much easier, more convenient, and safer with it being contactless. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed ahead the timeline of these innovations as they have worked hard to keep customers and employees safe.

Riders who still prefer to use cash will still have that option. They can visit the Duluth Transportation Center Information Booth. Staff their can assist them. Also tickets will be available for cash purchase at retail outlets within InComm Payment's VanillaDirect cash-in payment networks. Using that, riders can preload cash into their accounts.

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Another benefit of the MyDTA app will be the fact that riders can preview the cost of every trip by using the Transit's trip planner. There also will be real-time tracking and connections to first-mile/last-mile services.

The Duluth Transit Authority has partnered with Masabi to make these fare changes possible. They've also worked with Transit which specializes in trip planning and routes on an app service. The DTA worked also with InComm Payments for the payment innovations.

You can find out more information on all of this on the DTA's website.

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