The Duluth Transit Authority announced some new changes coming to a section of Grand Avenue in West Duluth. There will be several traffic signals between 59th Avenue West and Carlton Street that will have Traffic Signal Priority (TSP) software installed.

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The software (TSP) helps keep buses on time by allowing longer green lights for buses to pass through, or shorter red light wait times depending on the situation. The software works between the traffic signals and an on-board bus technology system. Phil Humphrey, General Manager of the Duluth Transportation Authority says it's going to be beneficial for passengers,

"We are very excited about the benefits of this project because it will improve travel time for thousands of passengers daily in West Duluth.” “We want to thank Alliant Engineering, the City of Duluth, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation for their contributions to making this happen."

With the implementation of the new technology, there will be some changes to some of the bus stops on Grand Avenue. Five current bus stops will be removed. They will also better position five other bus stops. These places take place October 12, and all locations have notices posted of the changes. The changes are being made to improve efficiency along the route with the new technology.

As always, the DTA asks that you arrive at your bus stop 5 minutes before scheduled arrival time.

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