Duluth Cider prepares to open it's doors today and it has been a long time coming. With this being the first cider taproom in the area this is sure to be another hotspot in the booming Lincoln Park area. As we pulled up to the 100 year old building that has been so patiently restored with a lot of elbow grease, it just seemed that this cider tap house was always meant to be there.

Jake and his wife Valerie moved back to Duluth with starting this company top of mind and both agreed that this was the best place in the whole country to do it. Walking around inside with Jake still pulling painters tape off the walls, you could hear in his voice how driven they were to make this dream come true, along with a sense of pride.

Jake made it clear that he and his wife are all about representing this area even down to using only Minnesota apples It was truly a unique and really eye opening experience to have the pleasure to see a small business on the cusp of something new and exciting like this.


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