Fundraising has long been a challenge for many nonprofits  Now, a new initiative could help Northland volunteers raising money while having fun and helping out.

The source comes from a long-time champion of the community.

DECC Executive Dan Hartman unveiled the new initiative called 'Fundraising At The DECC" during a presentation on October 6.  The "program allows volunteers an opportunity to assist at events in exchange for donations" - which is a win-win situation for both parties.

So how does it work?

Interested volunteers sign up to work a variety of tasks at upcoming events at the DECC.  Hartman explained that the volunteers would do things like "handing guests popcorn and helping them to find their seats" at events - the sort of tasks that don't require specific training or demand that an employee (who's liable) carry them out.

In return for the volunteered hours or service, the DECC would "make a cash donation to the 501c3 nonprofit they select".  That way not only does the nonprofit get to fundraise in a unique way, the entertainment complex also has the access to the "extra hands" it often needs - especially these days.

While the program is new to the Twin Ports, it's a common element that happens at other venues around the country.  Hartman specifically name-checked the Target Center and the Sanford Center as venues who have similar programs.

So when does the program start?  Soon!  According to the details the venue shared on the DECC's official Facebook page, they hope "to have its first fundraising volunteers working in the stands for the UMD Bulldogs vs. Wisconsin Badgers hockey series on October 21 and 22".

Sound like something you or your nonprofit organization would like to take advantage of?  All you need to do is email the DECC at to get started.

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