WDIO-TV reports on a story of a family in the Congdon neighborhood who enjoy building an Igloo in their yard every year. The Rajkowski family has lived in Duluth for the last four years and this year decided to continue the tradition of building an igloo in their back yard.

Mel Rajkowski seems to have the process down pat along with her son Carson by collecting cardboard milk cartons from friends, families and neighbors . By freezing the water inside them and adding food coloring they are able to make the igloo bricks.

Thankfully is has been cold enough this winter to sustain the igloo because it is amazing and was obviously a lot of work to build.  I could not even imagine having one of these in my yard as a kid.

My friends and I would build our snow forts on the side of our driveway after the snow plow came through and they definitely were not very safe. Plus the fact that that they do this as a family makes it even better. Check out the video below to get a look at the finished product.

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