We all see and hear stories online of police officers or firefighters rescuing helpless animals from precarious situations, well now we have a local spin on one such event. According to the Duluth News Tribune three young girls were out on a walk with their dad when they heard some tiny cries coming from a storm drain in the street below.

They called the Duluth Heights Fire Department who came to rescue the frightened little kitten. The crew was able to remove the drain cover and officer Jeremy Helm jumped down into the drain but the kitten was too afraid to come to him, and actually was hiding in a small pipe. The firefighters than deployed a thermal camera to get a better look at where the kitten was hiding.

Officer Andy Beck then hopped into the drain next to the one the kitten was stuck in with an air tank that they use to breath. The plan was to open the air tank and hope that the loud noise of turning the tank on would startle the kitten and have it run towards officer Helm. The plan worked and the tiny male kitten ran right into officer Helms arms!

A neighbor brought a small cage and put the kitten in it to bring to the vet to get checked out and  get shots before being put up for adoption. Thank you to everyone involved for saving this poor kitten, I am sure he will have a new home in know time.

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