Looking for a new way to enjoy the outdoors during the winter? Try some of the winter equipment that the Duluth Parks offers for rental.

Duluth Parks and Recreation rents out a variety of winter outdoor equipment including ice skates, snow shoes, sleds, trekking poles, and even a fun snow play kit that includes some shovels and snow brick molds for making a snow fort.

The rentals are available for weekends, pickup Friday between noon - 6 PM and return on Monday. Pickup and return is at the Washington Center located at 310 North First Ave. West in Duluth.

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Prices are very reasonable, $2 each for the sled and snow play kit, $3 each for trekking poles and ice skates, and $8 for the snow shoes. They also offer a limited amount of seasonal rentals that range in price from $10 - $50.

For weekend rentals, reservations need to be made before 11 AM on Friday. Additional pick up and drop-off times can also be requested.

You can choose your rentals and sizes, select a pickup and drop-off time and pay for your rental all right here on the Duluth Parks and Rec website.

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