When COVID numbers got high in 2020, some of the arts organizations in the area were postponing or canceling performances. That is happening again.

It was a decision that had to be made before, but now that we have experience with the COVID virus the Omicron-variant is causing the arts to look closely again and start postponing.

My aunt is a season ticket holder for the Duluth Playhouse and mentioned to me that they were canceling some of the upcoming performances. Wes Drummond the Executive Director for the Duluth Playhouse told KBJR that a lot of places like the Playhouse have been trying to build on success and bigger and bigger crowds.

Wes also mentioned to KBJR that The Duluth Playhouse has to think about safety, and with the growing cases of Omicron-variant of COVID the Playhouse thought it is not safe to grow the product now.

My Aunt told me that the Spongebob Musical and Clue were postponed to the end of the year.

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KBJR is reporting that the Minnesota Ballet is doing the same thing, that the Midsummer Night's Dream Production is postponed. The MN Ballet is saying the same thing for their reason to cancel ana/or postpone.

KBJR is saying the Duluth Playhouse and Minnesota Ballet will be back and will have to be original and innovative with the way they deal with COVID in order to make a comeback and put on some productions.

KBJR is also reporting that once both open up to the public they will require vaccination cards and a negative test within 72 hours of the performance in order to attend. Which is what most of the venues are requiring. Last time I attended a UMD Hockey game, masks were required.

At the time I write this Duluth is requiring a mask to be in public places.

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